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hiiii community...i felt like doing a 500 question survey...

[Section 1 - Basics]
Name:: heather
Age:: 16
Gender:: female
Height:: 5'
Weight:: 99 lbs
Ring size:: dunno
Pants size:: dunno
Shirt size:: 14-16
Shoe size:: 7 1/2
Piercings:: no
Tatoos:: no
Hair color:: blonde
Hair length:: medium
Eye color:: blue
Zodiac sign:: gemini
Chinese zodiac sign:: snake
Body type/size:: slim
Birthday:: 6-8-89
Birthplace:: california
Place now:: texas
Race/ethnicity:: white
School and grade/year:: fmh. 11th now
Natural hair color:: blonde
GPA:: dunno
Blood type:: dunno
Hobbies:: internet, music, reading, fencing
I.Q.:: dunno
Do you excercise:: no
Are you healthy:: yeah
Fun?:: yeah
Serious?:: sometimes
Sarcastic?:: yeah
Funny?:: yeah
Cute?:: no
Pretty?:: kinda
Good-looking?:: kinda
Beautiful?:: sure
Optimistic?:: yeah
Smart?:: yeah
Oppinionated?:: yeah
Outgoing?:: no
Shy?:: yeah
Unique?:: yeah
Sweet?:: yeah
Hyper?:: yeah
Talkative?:: no
Creative?:: yeah
Imaginative?:: yeah
Gloomy?:: no
Happy?:: yeah
Depressed?:: no
Silly?:: yeah
Loud?:: no
Quiet?:: yeah
Dependant?:: kinda
Loyal?:: yeah
Truthful?:: yeah
Clever?:: no
Confident?:: sometimes
Annoying?:: no
Artistic?:: no
Musical?:: no
Poetic?:: no
Charming?:: no
Wise?:: sure
Special?:: yeah
Magickal?:: no
Sensitive?:: no
Lustful?:: no
Sexy?:: no
Horny?:: no
Loving?:: yeah
Lazy?:: yeah
Stylish?:: no
Normal?:: no
Psycho?:: no
Goofy?:: yeah
Brave?:: yeah
[Section 2 - This or that about you]
Righty/lefty/either:: righty
Glasses/contacts/none:: glasses
Punk/goth/prep/thug/??:: none
Innie/outie:: outie
Tan/pale/average/??:: pale
Freckles/none:: freckles
[Section 3 - Family]
Mom's name:: karen
Dad's name:: pete
Siblings/their names/their ages:: ryan, 13
Dead family members:: grampa, great grandma
Do you live with your siblings?:: yeah
Parents married/divorced/neither?:: married
Parents together/separated/dating/none?:: together
Do you have any stepparents?:: no
Ex-stepparents?:: no
Do you have any children of your own?:: no
If so, what are their names and ages? If not, do you want any?:: no
[Section 4 - Favorites]
Color:: green
Food:: mexican
Drink:: sobe
Candy:: smarties
Flavor:: cherry
Movie:: poto
Band:: rhapsody
Show:: house
Game:: wit's end
Element:: earth
Music type:: metal
Actor:: gerard butler
Actress:: miranda otto
Month:: june
Season:: spring
Holiday:: christmas
Shampoo/conditioner:: finess
Song:: "battlefield"
Number:: 16
Phrase:: holy cannoli
Word:: shall
Magazine:: muse
Restaurant:: don pablo's
Sport:: fencing
Animal:: cat
Language:: italian
Girl's name:: morgan
Boy's name:: luca
Flower:: magnolia
Country:: italy
Weather:: rainy
Person:: frank dellapenna
[Section 5 - Sex]
Sexual orientation:: straight
Are you a virgin?:: yeah
Do you like to have sex?::
Do you like to have oral sex?::
Do you like to have anal sex?::
Do you like to give more or get more?::
Do you usually give more or get more?::
Does size matter?::
Do you like to kiss?:: no
French kiss?:: no
Make out?:: no
Favorite position::
Are you more dominant?::
Or more submissive?::
Are you more sadistic?::
Or more masochistic?::
Do you like to use toys?::
Clothes pins/ clamps?::
Other things?::
Do you look at porn?:: no
Do you masturbate?:: no
[Section 6 - Friends]
Would you consider yourself a good friend?: yeah
Would you rather have a lot of friends or a few good friends?:: a few good friends
Who is your best friend?:: amanda
Do you have a lot of friends?:: yeah
How many good friends would you say you had?:: 2
Are you a good friend?:: yeah
Has anyone ever told you that you were a good friend?:: yeah
Has anyone ever told you that you were a bad friend?:: no
Do you tend to be more outgoing or shy?:: shy
Do you consider yourself to be better than your friends?:: no
Do you consider you and your friends to be better than everyone else?:: no
Do you think your friends ever get tired of you?:: probably
Do you ever get tired of your friends?:: no
Do you like to make new friends?:: yeah
Do you talk a lot?:: no
Are you nervous when you talk to people?:: sometimes
Do you ever say your someone's friend just to make them feel good?:: no
Do you ever lie about who your friends are?:: no
Do you ever play people as friends to make yourself look good?:: no
[Section 7 - Love]
Do you believe in love?:: yeah
Do you believe in love at first sight?:: no
What is love?:: good
Have you ever been love?:: yeah
Are you now?:: yeah
Have you ever told someone you loved them?:: yeah
If so, were you telling the truth? If not, would you?: i was
Are you married/divorced/neither?:: married to guardiani
Are you with someone/single/dating/none?:: with someone
Do you believe in soulmates?:: no
Could you ever fall in love with someone of a different religion?:: yeah
Different ethnicity?:: yeah
Same gender?:: no
Different political views?:: yeah
Do you love certain material possesions?:: yeah
Certain hobbies?:: yeah
Your friends?:: yeah
Your family?:: yeah
Yourself?:: yeah
Do you have a crush?:: yeah
Do you date people just because of how they look?:: no
Do you care how people look?:: no
Would you date someone who was sweet even if they weren't good-looking?:: yeah
Would you date someone hott even if they were assholes?:: no
Would you date someone who was nice to you but asshole to others?:: no
Would you date someone for their money?: no
Would you use someone?:: no
Have you used someone?:: no
Have you dated someone just for their money?:: no
Have you ever dated someone who was sweet but weren't good-loo: no
Have you ever dated someone who was hott even though they were an asshole?:: no
Have you ever dated someone who was nice to you but an asshole to others?:: no
Would you ever date someone because you were desperate?:: no
Have you?:: no
Would you ever date someone for sexual reasons?:: no
Have you?:: no
Would you ever have an internet bf/gf?:: sure
Have you?:: no
[Section 8 - Politics and such]
Are you a democrat?:: no
Or a republican?:: yeah
Or independent?:: no
How do you feel about abortion?:: depends
Gay marriage?:: against
Smoking?:: a
Marijuana?:: a
Drugs?:: a
Illegal immigrants?:: a
Premarital sex?:: a
Porn?:: a
Alcohol?:: a
Racism?:: a
Whores/prostitution?:: ick
Cloning?:: a
Suicide?:: a
Death penalty?:: a
Religion in government?:: sure
Our president?:: for
Downloading music?:: legally is fine
Burning CDs?:: legally is fine
Welfare?:: f
Animal testing?:: a
Gambling?:: a
School uniforms?:: f
One nation, under God?:: all nations are under God
[Section 9 - Religious beliefs]
What religion do you practice?:: christian
Have you ever practiced a religion besides the one you practice now?:: no
Has someone ever tried to force you into believing certain things?:: yeah
Has someone ever tried to force you to practice another religion?:: no
Do you go/have you been to religious gatherings?:: i have
What religion are your parents?:: christians
Do your parents care if you practice the same religion as them or not?:: yeah
Do they know what religion you practice?:: yeah
Are you open about your beliefs?:: yeah
Have you ever lied about your religious beliefs to look cool?:: no
Do you believe a superior being exists/ existed and created life?:: yeah
One God?:: yeah
Many Gods?:: no
Does God(s) have a gender?:: Him
Male/female/neither?:: male i think
No God?:: there is
Heaven/Hell?:: yeah
Jesus?:: yeah
Angels/demons?:: yeah
Spirits?:: sure
Ghosts?:: no
Reincarnation?:: no
The trinity?:: no
Miracles?:: yeah
Aliens?:: no
Magick?:: no
Witchcraft?:: no
Tarot?:: no
Psychics?:: no
Vampires/werewolves/other?:: no
Prayer?:: yeah
Rituals?:: no
Love?:: yeah
Fate?:: no
Predestination?:: no
Horoscopes?:: no
Astrology?:: no
Superstitions?:: no
Luck?:: no
Telepathy?:: no
Energies?:: no
Familiars?:: no
Sacred animals?:: no
Animals are superior, inferior or equal to humans?:: equal
Initiation ceremonies?:: no
Night and day differ for a religious reason?:: no
Ethnicity making someone superior/inferior to others?:: no
Does your religion forbid anything?:: yeah
Do you dress certain ways to express your religion?:: no
Do other people assume what religion you practice by what you wear?:: no
Are humans/animals naturally good/evil/neutral/depends?:: neutral
Do you meditate/fast/chant/other?:: no
Do you believe/agree with everything about your religion?:: yeah
Do you believe you're right and no one elses religion matters?:: no
Do you ever doubt your religion or religious beliefs?:: no
Do you believe in yourself?:: sometimes
Are you open to other religions?:: sure
Do you feel superior to people who don't believe the same things as you?:: no
Do you think everyone should practice your religion?:: yeah
Do you even believe in anything?:: yeah
Are you interested in learning about other religions?:: sure
[Section 10 - Animals]
Do you have any pets?:: yeah
If so what are they? If not, do you want any?:: 4 cats
What kind of pet would you like to have?:: dunno
What is your favorite color on animals?:: white
Do you believe people should keep pets?:: sure
Should all animals be free?:: sure
Do you enjoy animals?:: yeah
Do you like taking care of animals?:: sure
Do you animals keep you company?:: yeah
Do you kill animals?:: no
Do you hunt?:: no
Do you hate animals?:: no
Do you think animals have feelings?:: yeah
Do you like small/big/all/no animals?:: all
Do you think animals are treated poorly?:: yeah
Do you wish you could change the way people act towards animals?:: yeah
[Section 11 - This or that]
Big/small:: depends
Cat/dog:: cat
Black/white:: white
Coffee/tea:: neither
Pepsi/coke:: neither
Soda/other:: other
Wine/beer:: neither
Pulp/none:: pulp
Scary/comedy:: comedy
Books/magazines:: books
Noise/silence:: noise
Winter/summer:: summer
Autumn/spring:: spring
Summer/spring:: spring
Winter/autumn:: autumn
Night/day:: day
Hugs/kisses:: hugs
Life/death:: life
TV/movie:: movie
TV/book:: book
Fruits/vegetables:: fruits
Meat/vegetables:: meat
Cigarettes/alcohol:: neither
Cold/hot:: hot
Normal/different:: different
Male/female:: male
School/none:: none
Red/blue:: blue
Smart/fun:: fun
Love/hate:: love
Salt/sugar:: sugar
Chocolate/vanilla:: vanilla
Evil/good:: good
Clean/dirty:: clean
Angel/demon:: angel
Sunrise/sunset:: sunrise
Punk/goth:: goth
Punk/prep:: neither
Goth/prep:: goth
Truth/lies:: truth
Citrus/tasteless:: citrus
Cake/cookies:: cake
Sun/moon:: sun
Rain/snow:: rain
Piercings/none:: none
Short/long hair:: long
Brand name/couldn't care less:: couldn't care less
Pool/ocean:: ocean
Pen/pencil:: pen
Sports/none:: none
Wet/dry:: dry
Bath/shower:: shower
Fireworks/glowsticks:: fireworks
Lick/bite:: lick
Naked/clothed:: clothed
Internet/phone:: internet
[Section 12 - Education]
Do you go to school?:: yeah
Have you gone to school?:: yeah
What's your level of education?:: 10th grade
Do you like school?:: kinda
Learning?:: yeah
Have you ever been homeschooled?:: no
Would you rather be homeschooled?:: no
Would you rather go to public or private school?:: public
Have you ever skipped school?:: yeah
Faked sickness to get out of school?:: no
Been suspended?:: no
Expelled?:: no
In detention?:: no
What's your favorite subject?:: history
Least favorite?:: math
Your schedule, block/periods/neither?:: block
What are your grades generally like?:: b's
Do you have many classes with your friends?:: no
What classes do you want to take?:: italian
[Section 13 - What makes you]
Happy?:: music
Sad?:: sad things
Laugh?:: funny things
Dance?:: music
Sing?:: music
Horny?:: nothing
Scared?:: scary movies
Look good?:: dunno
Feel good?:: music
Feel bad?:: doing bad things
Cry?:: sad things
Jealous?:: people who go to italy
Envious?:: people who go to italy
Scream?:: not much lol
Angry?:: my brother
Smile?:: luca turilli
Blush?:: luca
Sleepy?:: opera
Excited?:: traveling
Nervous?:: public speaking
Hungry?:: not eating for awhile
Thirsty?:: not drinking for awhile
Feel lonely?:: no one to be with
Sick?:: drinking milk too fast
Mean?:: when someone is mean to me
Want a hug?:: when i'm depressed
Want a kiss?:: dunno
Bored?:: nothing to do
Crazy?:: listening to luca talk
Feel strong?:: standing up for myself
Feel important?:: being wanted
Quit?:: too hard
[Section 14 - 1-10 Rating, How important is/are]
Friends:: 10
Family:: 10
Music:: 10
Love:: 10
Happiness:: 10
People:: 8
Silence:: 7
Animals:: 8
Education:: 7
Religion:: 10
Life:: 10
Medication:: 1
Food:: 8
Sleep:: 8
Health:: 8
Wealth:: 6
Nature:: 8
Shopping:: 1
Fun:: 9
Comfort:: 8
Water:: 10
Sex:: 1
Clothes:: 4
Alcohol:: 1
Cigarettes:: 1
Computer:: 10
Phone:: 3
[Section 15 - Have you ever]
Went skinny dipping?:: no
Done drugs?:: no
Drank alcohol?:: no
Played strip poker?:: no
Climbed a tree?:: yeah
Fallen from a tree?:: no
Bungee jumped?:: no
Been to Disneyland/world?:: yeah
Been stung by a bee?:: yeah
Pierced yourself?:: no
Sky dived?:: no
Rolled your tongue?:: no
Made a clover with it?: no
Skiied?:: no
Run into a wall?:: yeah
Been on an airplane?:: yeah
On a train?:: yeah
Fainted?:: no
Thrown up on purpose?:: no
Eaten an insect?:: no
For no reason?:: no
[Section 16 - Misc.]
What color are your socks today?:: none
Is that your monkey over there sneezing?:: no that's luca's
Do you own a spotted umbrella?:: no
Do you like sporks?:: sure
What about chopsticks?:: no
How many fingers do you have?:: 10
Do you have any stiches?:: no
If you could be anything/anyone you wanted, what/who would you be?:: italian
Is your mushroom broken?:: no, mario fixed it
Are you a fairy?:: sure
Do you abuse/starve your sims?:: huh?
How many candles do you own?:: none
Do you wear scarves?:: no
Would you care if I licked your face like a cow?:: yeah
Are the bunnies pink?:: nooooooooo
What about the hampsters, what color are they? Green?:: greenwhitered!
What do you think about make-up?:: soooo stupid
Random word that starts with Q:: queen
If you could live anywhere, where would it be?:: italy
Do you like to be naked?:: no
All your base _________:: were stolen
My life has never been a bed a roses:: lol
Munchy munchy have a taco for:: me?
Yes that comes in:: shiny
I got:: lucaaaaa
Baby, life is like a ride on a:: shiny shiny...thingy
What is life?:: shiny
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