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What time did you go to bed last night?: Around 1
What time did you wake up this morning?: 10:15
Do you know what woke you up? If so, what?: Silence
Who was the first person you saw this morning?: My mom
What did you have for breakfast?: Nothing
What was the first song you listened to today?: "Pride of the Tyrant"-Rhapsody
Who was the first person you thought about when you woke up?: Dunno
Who did you talk to first today?: Dunno
After breakfast, what did you do?: Went online
Then what?: Updated my LJ
... And after that?: Did surveys
What did you have for dinner/lunch?: Sandwich
Who made it?: My mom
Did you enjoy it?: Yeah
What did you do after dinner?: Internet
Did you go anywhere today?: No
What time did you go on the internet?: Around 10:45
How long have you been on the internet for?: 11 hours
Did you make/receive any phone calls today?: No
Have you sent/received any e-mails today?: Yeah
How many surveys have you taken so far? ((not including this one)): Tons
Are you currently in an Instant Message chat?: No
If so, who with and what's the topic?: N/A
What music are you listening to?: "Wait for an Answer"-Blind Guardian
If none, what song/tune have you got in your head?: N/A
Describe breifly what clothes you're wearing ((not trying to be rude, lol)): PJ's
What mood are you in?: Ok
Finnish The Sentence...
The best thing that happened to me today was...: I made manicotti
The worst thing that happened to me today was...: Dunno
I have spent the following amount of money today...: None
I am in love with...: Luca Turilli
The best word(s) to describe today is/are ...: Cool
If today was a colour, it would be...: Emerald
It would be this colour because...: It's cool
If today was a song it would be...: Guardiani
Today has been...: Cool
This survey is...: Cool
I give this survey the following mark out of ten...: 8

First kiss: None
First state you lived in: California
First boy/girl you liked: Orli Bloom
First boy/girl you loved: Nick
First book you couldn't put down: Dunno
First friend you couldn't wait to see: Amanda
First IM of the day: I think Jukka's
First SN: CourtyardElf
First email: Don't remember
First online journal: LJ
First band you loved: Baha Men
First poster you bought: Dunno
First band member you obsessed about: Luca Turilli
First song you loved of your current favorite band: "The March of the Swordmaster"
Last kiss: Dunno
Last hug: My mom
Last word said: "Him"
Last book read (all the way): "Childhood's End"
Last IM: Kathryn's
Last person IMed: Kathryn
Last online journal entry: Today's
Last TV show seen: House
Last commercial seen: Dunno
Last person you spoke to: Dunno
Last CD bought: "The Dark Secret"-Rhapsody
Last song heard: "Wait for an Answer"
Last thought: My watch just went off
Last word heard: "Back"
Current song listening to/singing: "Wait for an Answer"
Current website you're surfing: LJ
Current book you're reading: None
Current friend you're talking to: None
Current rant: None
Current rave: None
Current obsession: Luca Turilli
Current love of your life: Nick
Current hair color: Blonde
Current thought: My hair is hardly red anymore
Current font you love: Verdana
Current shoe you're wearing: None
Current hair style: Down
Current person you hate: None

What was the last...
Word you said::: "Storm"
Food you ate::: Plain manicotti noodle...
Beverage you drank::: Orange juice
Thing you touched::: Keyboard
Thought you had::: Noooo a mosquito
Place you went::: My school
Person you saw::: Dunno
Song you listened to::: "Journey to the Graveyard"-POTO soundtrack
CD you bought::: "The Dark Secret"
Movie you saw::: The Godfather
Book you read::: "Childhood's End"
TV show you watched::: House
Present you recieved::: Mrs. Gerard Butler shirt
Present you gave::: Dunno
Dream you had::: I was at the beach and it was storming
Nightmare you had::: Dunno
Shoes you wore::: Sandals
Chair you sat in::: This one
Ice cream you ate::: Vanilla
Medicine you took::: Dunno
Illegal thing you did::: Nothing
Thing you bought::: Vanilla milkshake
Swear word you said::: None
Who did you last...
Hug::: My mom
Kiss::: Dunno
Lie to::: Dunno
Be lied to by::: Dunno
Cry over::: No one
See::: Dunno
Dance with::: Amanda
Talk to::: Dunno
Talk on the phone to::: Kathryn
Send an email to::: Jukka
Talk to online::: Kathryn
Shout at::: My mom
Share a secret with::: Dunno
Have a sleepover with::: Dunno
Go to the movies with::: My mom
Go shopping with::: Dunno
Get annoyed at::: My brother
Laught at::: Dunno
Laugh with::: Dunno
Want to kill::: No one
Have your heart broken by::: No one
Think about::: Luca Turilli
Ask out::: No one
Get asked out by::: This guy
Stick your tongue out at::: Dunno
Shake hands with::: Dunno
Love::: Everyone
Hate::: No one
Get hurt by::: Dunno
Hurt::: Dunno
When did you last...
Yell at someone::: Yesterday
Go to hospital::: Dunno
Watch TV::: Dunno
Listen to the radio::: Dunno
Take a walk in the park::: Dunno
Do some ironing::: Dunno
Brush your teeth::: This morning
Take a shower::: Earlier
Have a bath::: Dunno
Go to the toilet::: Earlier
Cry::: Dunno
Laugh::: Earlier
Talk on the phone::: Dunno
Email someone::: Earlier
Punch someone::: Dunno
Go in a car::: 2 days ago
Go on a bus::: Dunno
Read a book::: Dunno
Take a library book out::: Dunno
See a movie::: Yesterday
See a rainbow::: Dunno
Drink a beverage::: Earlier
Consume food::: Earlier
Buy something::: Dunno
Write something::: Earlier
Unlock a door::: Dunno
Borrow money::: Dunno
Lend money::: Dunno
Lose something::: Dunno
Eat an ice cream::: Dunno
Play a sport::: Dunno
Hug someone::: Dunno
Kiss someone::: Dunno
Fake being ill::: Never
Lie::: Dunno
Swear::: Never
Make fun of somebody::: Dunno
Go to the supermarket::: Dunno
Do a dare::: Dunno
Wish upon a star::: Never
Go to a party::: Dunno
Have a party::: Dunno
Wear a skirt::: Dunno
Go swimming::: 3 weeks ago
Regret something::: Never
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