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AMANDA'S MEMEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! nuuuu it covered up my luca icon!

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What is your awesome horror-flick name?
What will be your role in this craaazy production?
AN ATTACK...you must hastily prepare a weapon!
How do you want this movie to end?
The quiet one who is really very evil after allk_manstead
A random piranha that was just thrown in for kicksspriteslytherin
The zombie that, although undead, still needs love__el_scorcho
A creepy fortune teller who knew all this alreadyspriteslytherin
The annoying sidekick who FINALLY diesraven89
Our lovable hero/heroine who saves the daytearless_weep
A token celebrity who boosts all the salesmistlerose
The person who dies a creatively artsy deathsexy_kinda06
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