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-=-\Usual Stuff/-=-

1. Name: heather

2. Were you named after anyone? no

3. Anything unique about your name? my last name is german

4. Any nicknames? chaco, isilwen

5. What you wish your name was: morgan

6. Age: 16

7. Age you act: 16

8. Age you wish you were: 16's fine

9. Don’t you just hate age? no

10. How tall be you? 5'

11. You think you’re tall, short, or medium? short

12. Do you think it because others tell you, you are? no i know i am

13. You like it? kinda

14. If you could change your height what would it be to? 5'4

15. Eye color: blue

16. Skin color: white

17. Hair color: blonde

18. Happy with how you look? yeah

19, If you could change one thing about how you look what would it be? nothing

20. What’s one thing you absolutely love about how you look? hair

21. Do you ever wish you looked like someone famous? no

22. Do you ever wish you were the other gender? no

23. What color looks best on you? black

-=-\Your Label/-=-

24. Check what label you see yourself as. Can be more than one

Loner: yeah

Punk: no

Goth: no

Geek: yeah

Prep: nooooo!!!!!!

Popular: no

Nerd: yeah

Just plain weird: yeah

Quiet: yeah

Loud: no

Loveable: yeah

Sweet: yeah

Rebel: no

Rocker: heck yes! \m/

Teacher’s Pet: yeah

The really smart one: no

Metal head: YES!!!!!!!!! \m/!!!!

emo: no

-=-\Your perfect Life/-=-

If you could create the perfect life, this is what it would be like.

25. You’d be married to: luca turilli

26. Your career would be: guitarist

27. Your salary would be: don't care

28. Would you have kids? no

29. If so how many?

30. Where would you live? italy

31. What kind of home? castle

32. What would you wake up to see every morning? luca!

33. If you look out any window of the house what would you see? green hills

34. What time period is it? medieval ages

35. How long will you live? 90

36. What will you die of? in battle

37. Are you well known where you are? sure

38. You come home from work every day to find: luca

39. You’d visit ___ every year: my family

40. How often would you move? not

41. What types of clubs/activities ect. would you belong to? fencing

42. How many hours of sleep would you get? 8

43. How many friends would you have? a few

44. Describe your home: shiny

45. You’d retire at age: 90

46. You’d marry (if you want) at age: 20

47. You’d have children (if you want) at age:


48. List 10 famous people off the top of your head

- luca turilli

- fabio lione

- alex staropoli

- joacim cans

- stefan elmgren

- oscar dronjack

- gerard butler

- magnus rosen

- patrice guers

- hansi kursch

49. List 10 of your friends off the top of your head

- amanda

- kathryn

- tabitha

- david

- ross

- gunnar

- kate

- dean

- kayleigh

- nick

50. Write something about each of the 10 famous people you listed

-(name)~(something about them) awesome guitarist

-(name)~(something about them) awesome singer

-(name)~(something about them) weird

-(name)~(something about them) good singer

-(name)~(something about them) cool guitarist

-(name)~(something about them) scary looking

-(name)~(something about them) lovely accent

-(name)~(something about them) fun loving bassist

-(name)~(something about them) cool bassist

-(name)~(something about them) handsome singer

51. Do the same with your friends

-(name)~(something about them) my first true friend

-(name)~(something about them) my second true friend

-(name)~(something about them) funny

-(name)~(something about them) a very nice metalhead

-(name)~(something about them) cool guy

-(name)~(something about them) fun to watch on webcam

-(name)~(something about them) interesting to talk to

-(name)~(something about them) insightful

-(name)~(something about them) funny

-(name)~(something about them) most honorable person i ever met

52. Out of the 10 famous people who do you like best? Why? luca!!

53. Out of the 10 famous people who do you like the least? Why? alex staropoli

54. Did you think of the famous people’s names because you like them or did you just think of them at random? both

55. Now the 10 friends, how long have you known each of them?

-(name)~(how long) 2 years

-(name)~(how long) 8 months

-(name)~(how long) a year

-(name)~(how long) few months

-(name)~(how long) a year

-(name)~(how long) a year

-(name)~(how long) 2 years

-(name)~(how long) 2 years

-(name)~(how long) 2 years

-(name)~(how long) 2 years

56. You have a best friend/friends out of the 10? yeah

57. Alright, now just list 10 names at random

- amanda

- luca

- fabio

- erik

- christine

- alex

- aurora

- magnus

- warren

- morgan

58. You have any favorite of the names? yeah

59. Any you named and though, “oh man, I hate that name”? no

60. Did you list a name of someone you knew? yeah

61. If so which name(s)? amanda

62. What do the names remind you of?

-(name)~(what it reminds you of) spazzing

-(name)~(what it reminds you of) *drool*

-(name)~(what it reminds you of) singing

-(name)~(what it reminds you of) poto

-(name)~(what it reminds you of) poto

-(name)~(what it reminds you of) keyboards

-(name)~(what it reminds you of) princess

-(name)~(what it reminds you of) latin

-(name)~(what it reminds you of) kathryn

-(name)~(what it reminds you of) shannara

63. In general what do you think of people? good at heart

64. Do lots of people bug you or do you like being around people? both

65. Are there any exceptions to what you think of people? uh no?

66. Do you think that people’s parents and surroundings create who they are? yeah

67. Do you have a lot of friends? no

68. When it comes to friends do you like quantity or quality? quality

69. Are you a complete loner with no friends at all? no

70. If so, are you happy like that? i wouldn't mind it

71. Do you believe that friends make the world go round? and round! *falls over*

72. If you could change one person on the earth who is it and how would you change them? Too much thinking

73. If you could change one of your friends who would it be and how would you change them? I wouldn't

Alright, this is just the friend’s section

-Friends as colors-

74. I’ll list a color, you name a friend who reminds you of that color (and you can put more than one friend if you’d like too)

-red: kathryn

-green: amanda

-black: tabitha

-blue: nick

-pink: genna

-orange: genna

-yellow: kayleigh

-teal: kathryn

-gray: nick

-peach: nick

-white: gunnar

-brown: gunnar

-off-white: david

-baby-blue: genna

-tan: genna

-Friends as places-

75. I’ll list a place, you name a friend who reminds you of that place

-Paris: kathryn

-NYC: amanda

-Italy: amanda

-Spain: kathryn

-Mexico City: gunnar

-Ohio *wink wink*: kathryn

-Japan: tabitha

-Sweden: jukka

-China: tabitha

-France: kathryn

-Iraq: martyn

-India: kathryn

-Baghdad: kathryn

-South America: nick

-Texas: heather (not me lol)

-Niagara Falls, Canada: kayleigh

-Friends as foods-

76. I’ll list a food item and you list a friend who reminds you of the food item.

-Pasta: amanda

-Burrito: nick

-Hamburger: nick

-Cheese: amanda

-Hotdog: nick

-Fish: kayleigh

-Pickles: nick

-Nuts: nick

-Chocolate: kathryn

-grapes: amanda

-peaches: kayleigh

-broccoli: amanda

-chicken: nick

-steak: nick

-ice cream: kayleigh

-chips: gunnar

-fries: kathryn

-peas: amanda

-beans: kathryn

-escargot: huh?

-crème: kathryn

-Friends as songs-

77. okay this one is done a little differently. You name the person and the song, I just provide the spaces. If you run out of friends or songs just leave the rest blank.

-(name)~(song) no one would listen-kathryn

-(name)~(song) dreams come true-amanda

-(name)~(song) never ever-nick

-(name)~(song) o fortuna-kathryn





















-=-\Mad Libs/-=-

haha these are always fun! Just give me what I ask for and I’ll tell you what do from there and in order for this to work, you have to not scroll down and be completely random!

78. List a noun: italy

79. List aother noun: luca

80. List a place: italy

81. List a name: luca

82. List an adjective: softly

83. List another adjective: madly

84. List another adjective: slowly

85. List a verb: shred

86. List a greeting: ciao

87. List an adjective: playfuly

88. List another greeting: hi

89. List a random number: 16

90. List a plural noun: italians

91. List a verb: play

92. List a noun: guitar

93. List a verb: run

94. List a noun: tower

95. List an adjective: carefully

96. List the name of a friend: kathryn

97. List an adjective: slowly

98. List a plural noun: manicotti

99. List an adjective: fastly

100. List another adjective: slowly

101. List a verb: run

102. List an item in a home: bed

103. List a verb: sleep

104. List an adjective: quietly

105. List a random sound: luca's voice

Alright, now fill those words into the story below. I asked you for the words in the order they are in the story and anything with a 1 beside it is a repeat of something else so keep that word the same all the time.

Once there was a italy and s/he lived in a luca in italy. One day the italy was walking down a road when he ran into Mr. luca. Mr. luca was really softly and so italy really didn’t like him well. He tried to madly shred by but Mr. luca saw him and said, “ciao playfully italy”. italy moaned and said shyly, “hi”. Mr. luca then invited italy to his home to meet his family. Dreading seeing Mr. luca he tried to say no but Mr. luca gave him $16 to go. So s/he did. When s/he got there that evening there were italians all over the yard. It looked like someone had play the guitar and run the tower. It was carefully! He went up to the door and knocked a few times and when the door opened he saw Mr. lucakathryn</b>. He shook his/her hand and they let him/her into the house. Right away he/she could tell this was going to be a/n slowly visit by the manicotti everywhere. s/he sat down at the table and all of a sudden a fastly voice said, “Hey you! Get off!” S/he looked around while Mr. luca laughed at her/him. Again s/he heard, “I’m talking to you! Get off!” S/he got up quickly from the table and saw a/n slowly face in the table and it was talking to him/her! In fear, s/he started to run away but the doors were locked! Everything then began to laugh at him/her and s/he run to the bed and sleep. Suddenly, they sat up in bed and said, “it was a/n quietly dream! luca's voice!” The End

I made up some quotes you just have to finish them.

106. So what if the car is making that noise: We have to see Luca

107. Sing like there’s no: Tomorrow

108. Look it’s a: shiny luca!

109. Love is: lovely

110. Do you think that: is shiny?

111. Look, I was just dragged: by luca wheee!

112. The cat says: hi

113. OMG it’s a: SHINY LUCA

114. I can’t stop thinking about: luca

115. The windows broke because I: played luca's voice too loud

116. I wish I was: in italy

117. That cloud looks like a: guitar

118. But it says I can: sing

119. This pen makes me think of: you

120. Did you know that Mr. Johnson is really: luca in disgiuse?

121. You know you’re insane when: you see luca?

122. How much longer do I have to: do this?

123. The time is 4:44: am...*yawns*


125. I like to go swimming in: luca's shinyness

126. They have always told me that: he's dirty

127. Did someone say: luca?


I’ll give you a letter and a category and you try to think of a word that begins with that letter that will fit into that category. If you can’t think of anything just put “none”

-Letter J-

128. Animal: jaguar

129. Plant: juniper

130. Country: jordan

131. Song: journey to the graveyard

132. Color:

133. Name: jukka

134. Article of Clothing: jumper

135. Food: jelly

136. Name of a person on a TV show/movie:

137. Bird: jay

-Letter F-

138. Animal: fox

139. Plant: fern

140. Country: finland

141. Song: flames of revenge

142. Color:

143. Name: fabio

144. Article of clothing:

145. Food:

146. Name of a person on a TV show/movie:

147. Bird:

-Letter O-

148. Animal: ostrach

149. Plant: osage orange

150. Country:

151. Song: o fortuna

152. Color: orange

153. Name: oswald

154. Article of clothing:

155. Food: orange

146. Name of a person on a TV show/movie:

147. Bird:

-=-\Random Questions/-=-

148. Name 5 of your friends or friends

A. amanda

B. kathryn

C. david

D. nick

E. tabitha

149. Is person A have any bad sleeping habits (like snoring, talking in their sleep, ect.)? yes lol

150. Do person B and C get along at all? they dunno each other

151. How much do you know about person B? tons

152. Does person C know any language other than English? i don't think so

153. Could person D win a chess tournament? probably...he went to ua and had to play chess there

154. Can person E sing? yeah...dunno how well though

155. If person B and D were to ever be in a pie eating contest who would win? nick

156. Which of the people listed would make the best cook? amanda

157. Have you known person C or E longer? e

158. What’s 5 good things about person A? awesome, shiny, cool, true, spazzy

159. Who knows the most facts, person C, person, E, or person A? e

160. What activity would be most fun to do with person B? headbang kathryn style!

161. Name 5 other people, even if they’re not related to you or don’t know you exist

A. dean

B. luca

C. fabio

D. kayleigh

E. kasey

162. How many of the 5 do you know personally? 3

163. if you could have dinner with person D would you? yep

164. Name one fact about person A: he's autistic

165. Does person C or E live closer to you? e

166. Do person A and B know each other? no

167. Of person D, A, E, and C which would win a mile race? kayleigh

168. Is person D or A taller? a

169. How long do you think you could stand to be around person E? long time

170. Do you think that person B would jump into a mud pit? maybe

171. Which of the 5 have you known the longest? kayleigh

172. How has person B had an effect on you? OMG lol! ask anyone i talk to lol


173. If the world were black and pink would we know it was supposed to be blue and green? no

174. If there were no gravity would people even be a part of life…would there be any life at all? wth?

175. If there were no movies and TV programs, would we all go mad? maybe

176. If someone ruled the world do you think that the world would be chaos? maybe

177. If nobody liked anybody would there be any life? no

178. If it were ever to rain and someone ran out into it and melted would they be counted as a witch? but what's if they saw luca?

179. If there were no food on the planet do you think every living thing would just die or adapt to a new way of life? die

180. If every family only had one child do you think the population would decrease dramatically? yeah...that's what happened in italy

181. If everyone you loved died in some freak accident would you be able to go on? yeah

182. If there were ever a nuclear war would you be prepared or would you die? prepared

183. If the English language didn’t exist what language would you be speaking right now? italian

184. If the world stopped spinning would we crash into the sun or drift off into some other galaxy or…what? stay there

185. If clouds shot death rays from them during storms instead of lightning do you think that people would survive storms? no lol

-=-\Your Opinion on the Survey/-=-

186. Did you enjoy the survey? kinda

187. What do you think I need to add? luca section

188. Which part did you love the most? dunno

189. Which part did you hate the most? dunno

190. Is it good enough to tell other people about? yeah

191. On a scale of 1-10 (1 worst, 10 best) what would you rate the survey? 6

192. Did you find anything in the survey creative at all? yep

193. If so which part? all

194. If you had a survey only all about one part of this survey which part would it be? dunno

195. If you could rid one part of the survey from the earth forever which would it be and why? none lol

196. How long did this survey take you? a looong time

197. Any comments: too many lists

198. Any suggestions: no

199. Thanks for taking the survey! sure

200. Bye for now. ciao

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