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omg this is HILARIOUS! a shower survey!!

Shower: Day or night?: Night
Soap: Liquid or bar?: Liquid
Shampoo & Conditioner: 2-in-1 or seperate?: Both
Brush your teeth in the shower: Yes or no?: No
Shaving: Standing or sitting?: Standing
Singing: In your head or out loud?: Both
Washcloth: Yes or no?: Yeah
Shower Entrance: Curtain or sliding door?: Door
Shower Layout: Just a shower or bath/shower combo?: Just a shower
...fallen asleep while showering?: I think I tried to before
...taken a call while you were showering?: Yeah...grr
...showered in your swimsuit?: Yeah
...showered with a member of the same sex?: Yeah
...showered with a member of the opposite sex?:Yeah
...showered with a sibling?: Yeah
...showered with a pet?: No
...share a bathroom with someone?: Yeah
...have one of those dettachable "massage" shower heads?: No
...sing in the shower?: Yeah
...listen to the radio in the shower?: No
...wear a shower cap?: No
...wash behind your ears?: No
Describe your shower in 3 words.: Wet, clean, hot
Now describe it using three words that all start with the same first letter: Warm, wet, washable (lol)
Three words using the same last letter.: Shiny, funny, lovely...lol
If you could change your shower in some way, what would you do?: Put Lu-*cough* I mean...uhh
What would make shower time a better time for you?: *cough* *ahem* omg...
What celebrity would you like to shower with?: LUCA TURILLI!!!!!!!
What celebrity would you NOT like to shower with?: Britney Spears
If you could watch a movie while you showered, what would you watch?: Kingdom of Heaven
If you could read a book while you showered, what would you read?: WOT
If you could design your own rubber duckie, what would it look like?: Shiny Luca!
What's one thing you absolutely can't shower without?: Water
What's the oddest thing that's ever happened to you during your showertime?: I think I tried to bring my cat in there with me once...
What would be the color/design/pattern on your ultimate shower curtain?: ITALY'S FLAG!
If you could paint your shower any color, which color(s) would you choose?: GREENWHITERED!!!!
Anything else you'd like to share shower-wise?: No *cough* lol
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