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1. Do you have a boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife? Yeah and a best friend!
2. What is their name? Guardiani and Amanda
3. Where did you meet? SOEL 2 album and Quizilla
4. When did you meet? Sometime in November, 2003
5. Do you remember what you were wearing when you first met? I remember what I was wearing when I first met Amanda in person...blue pants and my HammerFall shirt
6. Do you remember what they were wearing when you first met? I remember Amanda was wearing her skirt she made, a green shirt, grey sweater, and a necklace
7. Do you remember a song that was popular at the time you first met? GUARDIANI!!! lol
8. Do you have a special song? LOL...Guardiani is special in itself...I dunno if Amanda and I have one...
9. Do you have a special movie? Braveheart!!!
10. What is the age gap between both of you? Guardiani-it's only a year old...lol!! Amanda-2 years
11. Do you like being older/younger? I don't care lol
12. What is their birth date? Guardiani-no clue...when did SOEL 2 come out??? Amanda-Jan 15
13. Do you know where they were born? Guardiani-from Luca's hand and Fabio's voice...yeah!! Amanda-Shiny Cali
14. Is he/she a zodiac sign that are you compatible with? Dunno, don't care
15. Do they have annoying habits? Who doesn't?
16. Have you told them about their annoying habit(s)? Not sure
17. Do they snore? Amanda did when she visited me cause she was sick
18. Do they hog the bed? We didn't sleep in the same bed so I dunno
19. What are your similar interests? LOTR, being dorky, Italian opera, music, Rhapsody, tons more
20. Do you have similar tastes in music? Oh yes!
21. Do you have kids? No lol!
22. Do you know what your partner is doing now? Guardiani-living in my music player...waiting to be heard. Amanda-no clue
23. When did you last have a fight? G-never. A-dunno
24. When did you last kiss? Never
25. When did you last hug? When Amanda left to see Ari
26. What color are their eyes? Blue
27. What color is their hair? Brown
28. What do you think their best asset(s) is/are, physically? G-Mmm Italian...A-her hair is awesomely shiny, blue eyes, great smile...
29. What is their worst asset, physically? None
30. Do you know their favorite song? Guardiani? lol And Amanda...no clue
31. Do you know their favorite movie? lotr?
32. Do you know their favorite book? That one...yeah...dangit what's the title
33. Do you get along with their parents? G-never met them...NOOOOO...A-Only met her dad and he scared me
34. Do you know what really annoys them? Yeah
35. If yes, have you ever done it to annoy them? No
36. What is the best thing they have ever done for you? G-married me! A-oh wow! Been there for me, never judged me, likes me for my true self, stayed true...
37. What is the most romantic thing they have done for you? Uhhh nothing lol
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