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What's your name, my friend?: Heather
How old are you?: 17
Where do you live?: Texas
Name?: luca
Movie?: lotr
Book?: LOTR
Sword?: Claymore
Computer?: compaq
Actor?: mel gibson
Instrument?: electric guitar, carillon
Musical: POTO
Musical movie?: POTO
Singer?: fabio lione
Kinda survey?: Long
Word assosiation
Organ: epic
Frank DellaPenna: amazing
Carillon: BELLS
Steel: sword
Phantom of the Opera: sad
Timeline: history
Attila: omg lol that song just came on (attila by iced earth)
Phantasy: dream
Garish: ugly
Have you ever...:
Seen Phantom of the Opera?: yeah
Been too obsessed with something?: yeah
Been obsessed with something for over 2 years?: yeah
Broken something?: No
Been to a reniassanse festival?: Yeah
Seen a movie with Gerard Butler?: Yeah
Had a boyfriend/girlfriend?: No
Had SoBe?: Yeah
Are you...
Nice?: Yeah
Obsessed?: Yeah
Shiny?: Yeah
Weird?: Yeah
Shy?: Yeah
Outgoing?: No
Depressed?: No
Happy?: Yeah
Sad?: No
Busy?: No
Honorable?: Yeah
Phantom of the Opera! (yes I'm obsessed)
Do you like POTO?: yeah
Who's your fave character?: Erik
Fave song?: POTO
Play or the movie?: play!
Fave lyrics?: "The POTO is there, inside my mind!"
Are you an obsessed phan?: nah
Surveys/quizzes: Surveys
Rock/metal: Metal
London/Rome: both
Piano/carillon: Carillon
Chandeliers/candles: Chandeliers
Steel/iron: Steel
lol/rotfl: lol
Long/short: Depends
Phone/IM: IM
Same/different: Different
Asperger syndrome/autism: Asperger
River/lake: both
Valleys/hills: Hills
Desert/forest: Forest
Food/drink: both
What kinda music do you like?: metal, rock, opera, classical
What kind should be destroyed?: Rap
What's your fave song by your fave band?: guardiani del destino-rhapsody
What's your fave song by another band?: judas at the opera-edguy
Do you play any instruments?: No
Does too much bass in a song annoy you?: Yeah
Do you like epic opera songs?: heck yes
What song is the best to dance too?: dunno
What's the coolest instrument ever?: carillon
Right now
What are you listening to?: overture-trans-siberian orchestra
How long is it?: 2:57
Watching anything?: No
What's it about?:
Talking to anyone?: no
What are you wearing?: pj pants, trans-siberian orchestra shirt
What time is it?: 7:00 pm
Where are you?: my house's library
Who are you talking to?: no one
Eating anything?: No
Drinking anything?: No
Smelling anything?: No
What number do you think this is?: 90 something
What's the weather like?: sunny, hot
Do you like that kind?: Yeah
Happy about something?: Sure
Ever heard of Dishwalla?: yeah
Are you out for summer yet (I am!)?: yeah
What was the last thing you said?: "no please don't"
What was the last thing you sang?: dunno
Hope you enjoyed my survey: i did

What's your name?: Heather
Where do ya live?: Texas
What's your fave thing about where you live?: cool places
Least fave?: hardly any old buildings
How long have ya lived there?: 16 years
How old are you?: 17
When's your birthday?: 6-8-89
What do ya do to celebrate it?: depends
What you look like
Hair color?: Blonde
Eye color?: Blue
What crazy color would ya die your hair?: Italy's colors
Height?: 5'
Do you like your height?: kinda
You satisfied with your looks?: Yeah
Movie?: lotr
Book?: LOTR
Book made into a movie?: LOTR
Food?: Mexican
Country?: Italy
Color?: Green
Amount of shinyness?: lots
Kind of survey?: Long
Metal?: Steel
Music?: Metal
Song?: "Battlefield"
Band?: rhapsody
Song from a movie?: the song at the beginning of the hunchback of notre dame..."the bells bells bells bells of notre daaaaaameeeeee!"
Smell?: old things
Type of sword?: Claymore
LOTR character?: Aragorn
Word?: epic
Iron/steel: Steel
Rock/metal: Metal
Destiny/fate: destiny
Italy/Greece: italy
Rome/Athens: rome
Italian/Spanish: italian
Opera/classical: both
Phantom of the Opera/The Aviator: poto
Emmy Rossum/Gerard Butler: gerry
Swords/guns: Swords
Medieval/modern: both
Black/green: both
6/16: 16
Pen/marker: Pen
Honor/chivalry: both
Chandelier/candelubrum: Chandelier
Piccadilly Circus/Times Square: Piccadilly Circus
Word assosiation
Chandelier: epic
Masquerade: fancy
Erik: poto
Steel: swords
Army: fight
Piangi: italian
Energy: hyper
Shiny: luca
Crimson: red
Guardiani: epic
SoBe: hyper
Squishy: Hug
Templar: Crusades
What time is it?: 7:06 pm
What are you listening to?: erian's mystical rhymes-rhapsody
What did you listen to before that?: induction-gamma ray
What are you wearing?: pj pants, tso shirt
What were you wearing yesterday?: green pants, pisa shirt
What was the last thing you said?: "what movie is this?"
What was the last song you sang to?: induction
What was the last movie ya saw in theaters?: potc 2
At home?: school of rock
At a friends house?: star wars 2
When did ya last hear the word destiny?: dunno
What was the last plant you saw?: trees
What was the last thing you smelled?: dunno
What room are you in?: my house's library
Where did you meet most of them?: online
Do you see them often?: some of them
Which was the last one you saw in person?: sara
On the Internet?: kathryn
In your MIND???!: lol
Where do most of them live?: dunno
Do you care what they look like or what they wear?: No
Which friend(s)...is the best?: kathryn, amanda, wendy, caitlin
Funniest?: kathryn
Most random?: wendy
Shinyest?: kathryn
Most medieval?: amanda, nick
Most honorable?: Nick
Takes the most surveys?: dana
Lives in a different country?: david
Likes Phantom of the Opera?: Amanda, Kathryn
Is themselves?: All
Likes steel?: Amanda
What's your fave bands?: rhapsody
Songs?: Battlefield
What band/song are ya listening to now?: erian's mystical rhymes
What's your fave to dance to?: dunno
To sing to?: lots
To write the lyrics from?: lots
Like metal music?: yeah
Isn't headbanging fun?: Yeah
What bands do you listen to that no one's heard of?: Depends
What's the oldest band you like?: blind guardian
Any coming out with new CDs soon?: probably
Are you in school?: not right now
How is it?: good
What grade are you in?: 12th now
Any insanely weird teachers?: it's summer now
Do they squeak?:
What teacher talks too much?:
Do ya like the principal?: Not really
Isn't math evil?: yeah
What college do you go to/wanna go to?: dunno
Home life
Are you married?: to the song guardiani
Have any kids?: No
Have a boyfriend?: No
Live with your parents?: Yeah
Alone?: No
How is it at home?: Good
Where would you rather be?: europe
What was the longest you were home alone for?: a few hours
What do you mostly do at home?: go online
What's the weather like now?: Sunny, hot
What's your fave type of weather?: Rainy
What's the scariest weather you have been in?: Extremely bad storm
What's the hottest you ever been?: 111 or so
Coldest?: 14 or so
What temp do you think is just right?: 80
Does it storm much where you live?: Yeah
What's your fave book?: LOTR
Why is it your fave?: It's awesome
Do you read a lot?: Yeah
What's the longest book you ever read?: One on London
Shortest?: Dunno
If you were to write a book, what would it be about?: the medieval ages
Ever met an author?: Yeah
Ever published your own book?: No
Do you think you're a good writer?: Yeah
About the last place you traveled to...:
Where was it?: italy
Why did ya go there?: cause i wanted to!! and it was one of the countries the people to people group was going to
How did you get there?: we drove...from france
How long did it take?: to get to italy? technically two weeks but from france like 10 minutes
What did you do there?: saw lotsa cool things!!
What was the funnest part?: rappelling down a real castle wall!!
How long did you stay there?: a week
Why did you leave?: we had to go home
Would you go back?: heck yes
About the last movie ya saw...
Which movie was it?: school of rock
When did ya see it?: earlier
Was it good?: yeah
What's your fave character from it?: the guy jack black played
Fave scene?: the end concert
Fave line?: dunno
How many times have you seen it?: one
Would you see it again?: sure
About the last song you heard...
What is it?: outlaw
What's it about?: outlaws
What band is it by?: manowar
How long is it?: 3:22
What's you fave lyric from it?: "hell and glory, honor and pride, a gun will decide where the outlaws ride"
Where did you 1st hear this song?: the louder than hell album
Have you ever chased a sitting pedestrian?: all the time
What's the most random thing ya ever heard?: dunno
How did you find Bzoink?: lj
Will you honor my sword?: yep
Shiny....shiny...do shiny things amuse you?: Yeah
I see you're wearing a mask! Are you the phantom of the opera?: nope lol
What does Erik tell you?: To sing for hiiim
What would you wear to a masquerade?: A big flowy cape and comfy dress
LOOK UP! Do you seeeee what I seeeee?: do you hear what i hear?
What word do ya hear too much?: dunno..
Ever counted how many times you hear a word in a day?: Yeah
What's the saddest thing you ever saw?: Erik heartbroken
Why are some songs louder than others on the same volume?: dunno
Who's the most obsessive person you know?: Me
Are they autistic?: Yep
Ever been to a castle?: CARCASSONNE
Did ya have an urge to swordfight?: yeah...so i did! lol
Did ya know hating is bad?: yeah
If you were Christine, would you choose Erik or Raoul?: erik
Ever seen the play of POTO?: yeah
What's the longest survey you ever took?: 5000 questions
You or ya?: you
Do ya like to wear black?: yeah
Cool! Black is the color of the warrior: yesss
How does Gerard Butler cover up his Scottish accent in POTO?: he's talented
Does PONR make ya melt?: sure
What makes ya melt?: italian accents
Isn't Italy shiny?: very
Byeeeeee!!!: Bye
But remember, keep your hand at the level of your eyes!: ok lol

Ciiiao...what's your name?: Heather
What origin is yiur name from?: I think Scotland
What does it mean?: Flower
How old are you?: 17
Is that a fun age?: Sure
Where do you live?: Texas
Did you chose to live there, or do you have to?: Have to
When will you move?: Dunno
How many languages do you speak?: 1 fluently
Color: Green
Country: Italy
Band: Rhapsody
Singer: Fabio Lione
Italian person: Luca Turilli
Guitarist: Luca
Plant: Juniper
Tree: Juniper
Website: IMDb, LJ, Bzoink
City: carcassonne
Survey: Long
Shirt: luca turilli
Letter: Y
Word: epic
Number: 16
School subject: latin, history
Word in another language: dunno..
Movie: lotr
Guitar solo: Luca's in "Unholy Warcry"
Word association
Luca: guitar
Accent: Italian
Steel: shiny
Metal: rock on
Shiny: Italy
Rome: latin
Light pole: light
Clean: orderly
Squishy: Luca
Gargoyle: notre dame
Darkness: Scary
Fast: music
Opera: Epic
Giraffe: big
What clothes are you wearing?: pj pants, tso shirt
Where are you dying to go at the moment?: carcassonne
What song are you listening to?: legend of steel-luca turilli
What are some lyrics from it?: "face the king, ride the wind for the legend of steel!"
Reading any books? Which one?: narnia and lord of chaos
What time is it?: 7:30 pm
Eating anything?: No
Drinking anything?: No
Smelling anything?: No
Who's voice do you hear?: olaf hayer's
Currently obsessed with: bells, carcassonne
Doing besides this survey?: this, music
Touching?: the keyboard
Singing to anything?: No
BF/GF/husband/crush ect
Do you have one?: yeah
Their name if you want to say: Guardiani
How long have you been together/crushing on them?: a year and 7 months
How did you meet?: SOEL 2 by Rhapsody
Do you call each other a lot?: lol no
Where do they live?: In my music player
Do you see them often?: Sure
Are they shiny?: Oh yes
What kinda accent do they have?: Italian
Have you kissed yet?: No lol
What would you do if you broke up with them?: Be sad
If you have a husband: how long have you been married?: a year and 7 months
When did you get married to them?: November 13, 2004
Happy with your sig other?: Yeah
Have you ever?
Been to Italy?: yeah!!
Been to another country?: Yeah
Met a celeberity? Who?: No
Been to a concert? Which?: trans-siberian orchestra
Watched a movie more than once in 1 day?: Yeah
Skipped school?: Yeah
Been in front on an audience?: Yeah
Listened to Rhapsody?: Yeah
Seen Kingdom of Heaven?: Yeah
Met someone with autism?: Yeah
Played an instrument?: Yeah
Had a mullet?: no
Wanted a mullet?: Yeah
Been as shiny as Italy?: No way lol
About the song you're listening to...
Which is it?: new century's tarentella
By which band/singer?: luca turilli
How long is it?: 5:15
Which album is it on?: prophet of the last eclipse
What number on the album is it?: 9
How much do you like this song?: it's pretty cool
What's it about?: warriors running away or something
What's your fave lyric?: "warriors of the new century now ride, cross the cosmic shores of mortal time"
Who sings it?: olaf hayer
Who wrote it?: luca turilli
What song is after the one you're listening to?: Christmas jam
Is it on the same album or by the same band?: No
How long is that one?: 3:47
Fave lyric from that one?: the only talking is at the beginning where a guy says "carolize, understand? turn it up, Christmas jam"...carolize sounds like carillon haha
How much do you wanna destroy rap?: a lot
If you like rap, WHY???:
I'm hungry...are you?: not really
Ever made a survey?: i made these
If so, what was the longest one you made?: I think this one or another I made
Do you have a live journal?: Yeah
How shiny is Italy to you?: very
Do you know anyone Italian?: Not personally...
What was the last thing you said?: dunno
What was the last movie you watched?: school of rock
Ever taken the 5000 question survey? I have: Yeah
How did you find Bzoink?: LJ
If you could design your own creature...
What would it look like?: A dragon
What would you name it?: Luca
What sounds would it make?: Sounds of the Italian language
Where would it live?: Italy
What would it be friends with?: Luca, me...
What would be its enemies?: Poachers
What would its personality be like?: Spazzy
What would be its main colors?: GREENWHITERED!
What would it eat?: Plants
Would it be a boy or girl?: Boy
What time period would it live in?: Now
What would its Latin name be?: Lucaibis
Would it make a nice pet?: Yeah
How long would it live?: FOREVAH!
Is it immortal?: YEah
Your ultimate meal!
What kinda food would it be?: Italian and Mexican
Main dish?: Manicotti and burritos
Appetizers?: Bread rolls
Desert?: Vanilla milkshake
Would it be healthy or unhealthy?: Healthy
Would you eat it everyday if you could?: Yeah
Would it be sweet, sour, spicy...?: Spicy
Ultimate vacation!
Where would you go?: Italy
Who would go with you?: Amanda, Kathryn
How long would you stay?: FOREVAH
Who would you meet there?: LUCA LUCA...Fabio...Rhapsody...lotsa handsome Italians
What would you see?: Cool buildings...Rhapsody...Italian men
What would you buy?: Souvineers
Would you be sad when you had to leave?: Yeah
Would you go back?: Yeah
How often?: Like every month lol
Would you wanna live there?: Yeah
Would you understand the language they spoke there?: A little
What/who are you obsessed with?: bells
For how long?: a few months
How did you get obsessed?: frank plays a carillon, an instrument with bells and then i went to europe...lotsa bells lol
Do your obsessions change lots?: kinda yeah lol
What has been your longest obsession?: dunno
Shortest?: dunno
Best?: lots
Most fun?: lots
One that you spent the most money on?: dunno
Least amount of money?: Dunno
Have you been obsessed with something your whole life?: no
What would you do if you could see/meet your obsession?: i see a bell right now lol
Are people annoyed cause of your obsession?: haha sara was i think
Any of your friends obsessed with this too?: frank lol
Would you be sad if you stopped being obsessed with this?: sure
Ever been mad at an obsession?: Yeah...POTO
Why?: Cause it took away my Luca obsession!
How many obsessions have you had?: lots
Is it shiny?: yeah
What song are you obsessed with right now?: carol of the bells
Do you like the word obsessed?: sure
Are you very obsessive?: oh yes
Who's the most obsessive person you know?: me
The least?: My mom
Have lotsa friends?: sure
Where do most of them live?: Dunno
Do you talk to them a lot?: some
Do you prefer person/phone/IM when talking to them?: IM
Who are you closest to?: kathryn
Which friend...
Is from another country?: david
Can speak another language?: gunnar
Talks to you the most?: kathryn
The least?: sara
Watches the most movies?: Dunno
Is always online?: dunno
Takes the most surveys?: dana
Has been the greatest influence on your life?: Amanda, Kathryn
Is just like you?: Amanda, Kathryn
Is least like you?: sara
Goes to your school?: wendy
Lives in your country but is from another country?: Dunno
Is Italian?: None...but Amanda is by heritage
Plays the most sports?: dunno
Plays the coolest, most interesting sport?: Dunno
Is themselves?: i think all of them
This is question 205...isn't it shiny?: sure
Have you ever made a survey this long: Yeah
Well my friends...
The survey is over!: aww
Enjoyed it?: Yeah
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