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The Elves...THE ELLLVES!!!


community...OF DOOM! *cough*
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Hahahah I can't believe this name wasn't taken already! Anyway, this is a community created for minuetcat and all her LJ friends, cause you're all just that special and I'm bored and the Keebler elves told me to. If you're not my friend, then you can still join and post all the same. And it shall be fun! So yeah...feel free to post anything, no matter how weird or off-topic it is. For there is no set topic, really.
Post whatever you want, and keep us entertained :) And then you shall truly be a member of the community of doom! *organ plays*

Oh! And if you join then feel free to suggest more interests to add to the list below...at the moment, I am quite puzzled as to what else to put.
amps84angel, being weird, books, camillesantiago, captain jack sparrow, cheese, dorkiness, food, frank dellapenna, friends, fun, gerard butler, guardiani del destino, italy, lj friends, luca turilli, minuetcat, movies, mrfantastico, music, mwahahahaha, platypusshoes, potc_fan, scottish_elf, shiny things, steel, stories, stuff, weirdness